Tuesday, July 24, 2012

First Love

Lately I've been thinking a lot about foundational relationships.  That is, the relationships that we have to get right first in our lives before we can reach out to make new friends and new connections.
For me, foundational relationships include my husband, my children, and our surrounding immediate family (my parents and siblings and my husbands'.) 

Have you ever been around a couple that is constantly fighting?  Or worse, a couple that always wants you to play mediator or break a tie in an argument they are having.  It's uncomfortable and unwelcoming.  Have you ever known someone who is extremely considerate around strangers and acquaintances but who is rash and abrasive with their spouse and kids? 

It can be easy to be so comfortable in your own home that you really let loose.  You stop focusing any energy on being nice, loving, and considerate in the way you talk to your family or the things you do every day to make them feel loved and special.  Do you only bring out the party decorations or the best dishes and platters when you have guests over?  Do you only make a special meal or clean your home when you know someone is visiting you home?

Community really and truly does start at home.   A truly loving and welcoming space is wonderful for those who live in it and all those who come near it- your family first, your neighbors, your friends.

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