Friday, September 28, 2012

People Are More Important Than To Do Lists

This morning at my house, things are not going as planned.  My mom is in town, and Lucas has taken a few days off to accomplish a massive honey-do list I had waiting for him.  The list is important to me, because it's things I want to get done before the baby arrives- I hate the feeling of being unable to get anything done but looking around and knowing so much needs to be.  That feeling is oh so common when a new baby arrives.

But, this morning, Norah wasn't feeling well.  She's been up in her room, coughing and laying in bed with a tummy ache.  Since about eight this morning, Lucas has been up there with her.  Reading her books, playing card games, singing her songs and cuddling.  My first response was to call him down to get started on all the tasks I planned we'd get accomplished today.  But, surprisingly, I've held my tongue.  Actually, it's not like him to shirk any duties he is assigned.  I almost never have to ask him to do something twice, because he's very organized and on top of what needs to be done.  I know he is exactly where he needs to be- taking care of our little girl.  

When the baby comes, it's not just clothes that need to be sorted or spaces that need to be re-organized, our other children will be adjusting, too.  They will need to know that they are loved. Even in the initial chaos, memories of all the happy times we have spent together will need to take over in their little minds and hearts to hold them over.  

Something I always say to the girls is, people are more important than things.   But, it's more important to show our children that then to tell them.  And this morning Lucas is doing just that.

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