Monday, October 29, 2012

Come and Knock on My Door This Halloween

When I think of Halloween I think of costumes, candy, kids, and neighbors!  So, what better time to be thinking about how to connect with your neighbors than on Halloween?

Here are my tips for a more neighborly Halloween night:

1) Get into the Halloween spirit.  Decorate your house (inside and out) with a few simple, inviting decorations- letting others know they are welcome to celebrate with you!

2) Whether or not you have kids, be home to pass out candy on Halloween.  If you have a party or another gathering to attend to celebrate Halloween, that's ok!  But, Trick or Treaters usually come by early in the evening anyway from about 5-7.  If you can't be home, leave a neighborly note and fresh bowl of candy (or some other treat!)

3) Don't turn away Trick or Treaters, no matter how old.  I have heard friends complain about older kids coming to their doors to Trick or Treat with less-than-creative costumes and a bad attitude.  I think it's a great opportunity to be kind (and maybe teach a subtle lesson) to someone and also, where would you rather a teenager be on Halloween night?  I, for one, hope that is still what my girls are doing at that age!  There is far, far worse trouble they could be getting into than landing at your doorstep trying to get a few free pieces of candy.

4) If you have little Trick or Treaters in your home, consider inviting other little Trick or Treaters over to meet up before heading out together to Trick or Treat. This year, I'll be having our neighbors over for some semi- healthy snacks before we take to the streets.  I'll be serving vampire fangs, mummy dogs, and cheese stick fingers.  It couldn't get any simpler, but my kids think it's a blast!!

5) Save something special for your immediate neighbors.  Our sweet, elderly neighbors next door make up an extra special goody bag just for the kids on our street.  The kids think it is THE BEST!  It takes very little thought and effort, but it makes the kids feel special and connected to our neighbors.

Well, that's it for now.  What ideas do you have for connecting with your neighbors for Halloween?  Now that I am a mom, I have to say, I love Halloween so much.  It is a total blast!  Have fun and stay safe!

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