Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Generosity on a Budget

We are living on one income, and we have 5 (soon to be six) mouths to feed in our household. Sometimes, I find myself making grandiose plans for themed dinner parties with outlandish decorations and gourmet dishes.  But, the reality is, plans like that just aren't in the budget on a regular basis.

And it isn't just money that I feel short on, it's time and energy, too.  This past week, I offered to make and deliver a meal for someone - but when I actually got around to heading into the kitchen, it was frantic trying to get everything done.  Dinner for my own family, dinner for hers, finishing homework with my first grader, bath time for all the kids.  Books, bedtime, dishes, laundry.  It all felt like it was piling up.

I know I am not the only one living my life on a budget.  My time, my energy, my family's money and resources all have to be carefully allotted.  The key is being intentional about my time and my family's time.  Carving out time to invite others' into our lives, to serve others AND also to rest, recharge, and just have open, free time to play and be is a challenge.  But, it's one worth pursuing.

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