Monday, October 22, 2012

Love With a Care Package

Are you missing someone who lives far away?  I have many people I love who live far away.

I am terrible at phone calls, especially if there is a time difference!  I have few precious hours to get anything done around here.  Which means, I have to find other ways to show those I love how much i love them.

My mom and my mother in law are both great about sending little goodies to the kids and even to Lucas and I.  It's so fun to open a little letter with a gift card or some chocolates!

So, I have decided lately that I am going to get better about surprising people I love with little packages. 

Is there someone you could send a little love package to? 

What about....

Rolls of quarters for a college student
A calling card for an international friend or family member
A pack of diapers for a new mom or dad
Halloween games, books, or treats for the kids in your life
Candles or flowers (people rarely buy them for themselves but they are such a treat!!!)

I just sent a friend who is a pregnant a little morning sickness kit:
Preggie Pops
Earth Mama Angel Morning Wellness Tea

What would you send and to whom?

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