Thursday, October 11, 2012

Mind Your Manners

A few weeks ago when I was in a store with my mom, a woman asked if my mom for ID when she paid with a credit card.  Handing her ID over to the woman, the woman began to chuckle loudly.  "This picture must have been taken a long time ago.  Your hair has changed colors." 
While this was true, and stating the obvious, it was also extremely rude.

When my mom countered back, "You're calling me old."  The lady seemed so offended that my mom would call her out for her mean spirited comment.

I've recently been experiencing similar unwanted commentary.  I have been asked by at least 20 people in the last month if I am having twins.  People start by telling me that they think I am WAY too huge to be having just one, and then end the conversation chuckling and asking, "are you having twins?  Are you sure?"

Though sometimes I don't think these comment are intended to be rude or hurtful, they are at the least thoughtless.  Does anyone like being told they look old or fat?  NO.

When is a comment, suggestion, or statement important to share?  If it's a stranger you're talking to- the basic criteria in my mind is that it should be encouraging.  This is tough for me, and I want to challenge myself to edify others with my words. 

Can you think of other examples of times when things people commonly say are better left unsaid?

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