Sunday, February 2, 2014

The 12th Man

If you know me at all, then you know that I am not at all a sports' fan.  Yet, as I've watched my community these past few weeks,  I too, have been swept up in the emotion that accompanies the Superbowl hysteria.

Why?  Because of the incredible ability of sporting events to bring people together.  Today, people will be huddled around bars and homes around the country watching their teams compete.  Here in Seattle, because our home team is playing, the hype has been even more palpable.

As we were out about town today, there were even people stationed at the bridges overlooking the freeways holding signs and cheering as passersby honked and waved.  Every car, every house is decorated with Seahawks paraphernalia and the town seems alive with the anticipation of the big game.

Still, the game itself doesn't matter to me, but the sense that people are drawing near to each other because of it is what matters.  And, it makes me wonder what it would look like if we gathered more often as a community to celebrate what those around us were accomplishing?

Can you imagine this kind of hysteria to cheer on a concert cellist, a local filmmaker, a climber?  It would be so fun to live surrounded in that kind of enthusiasm and goodwill toward one another all the time.  I just love this send off  the 12th man gave the Seahawks as they left town for the Superbowl earlier this week.   Just think, how can greet and send off those in your community similarly to support them in what's going in their lives?

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