Monday, February 24, 2014

Too Much Stuff?

Do you have too much stuff? Are you drowning in a sea of your own clutter? And/or is there something you need/want that you can't afford to buy? Are you sick of having to allocate a budget for clothes or other appliances and household items that just take up too much space in your home?

Here are 3 strategies for reducing clutter and having a more communal approach to stuff:

Do you have a growing collection of books or DVD's? An industrial strength lawnmower? An unused instrument? Power tools?  Lend them to someone who you know could use them.  And, rethink buying every item you need to use.  Instead consider borrowing from a friend, family member, or neighbor.  It reduces clutter, it's good for the environment, and your pocket book, too.

Host a clothing swap with your neighbors, swap babysitting, rearrange furniture. Offer your old book case for a neighbor's old coffee table.

Gift/Pass on.
Is there something you own that don't need or want anymore that you know could make someone else's life easier or better.  Stop holding onto it and give it away.  You'll appreciate the extra space in your own home and you'll make someone else's day.

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