Monday, February 6, 2012

Upcoming Post Fun

So, I realize there's been a significant silence in the blogosphere lately when it comes to me keeping up with the Front Yard Frontier the last couple weeks, and believe it or not, it's been intentional.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, I've recently realized that to get things done I've got to do first, think later.  Meaning when I have an idea, I've got to run with it and refine as I go.  Otherwise, I get tripped up by all the endless directions a project COULD go in.  So,  the Front Yard Frontier was born, but now I'm taking time to define what I really want it to be...

And I've come up with a few series that I'm really excited about!

The first is Makeover Mondays.  Our move last April has left little room in the budget for non-essentials, like a much needed mama Makeover.  As a result, I've been slumping around and it's got to stop!  So...I've decided that each Monday for the next six weeks, I'll be blogging about a fashion or beauty topics (sometimes just making better use of what's in my closet, sometimes just finding useful advice, and sometimes taking time to do a little budget friendly shopping.)  What does this have to do with building community?  Well, a lot, I think.  I was recently talking with a friend about how she never gets out because she always feels like she's dressed too slumpy.  I can relate!  There are so many times when I'm at drop off or pick up at the girls' schools and I feel too self conscious about being in my work out clothes or sweats to actually approach someone.  Well, no more.  Little by little, mama's getting made up.

Also, I'm going to be doing an ongoing series called What the...? Wednesdays.  Though the name is fun, and the topics will often be laughable, the idea behind WTW is anything but.  I'll be posting snapshots of things I deem inappropriate for young girls that are on the market.   I am SO OVER all the crap out there marketed to little girls!  More about that on What the...? Wednesdays!  Warning: you may not agree with everything I post, and if that's the case, still feel free to respectfully comment or to avoid What the Wednesdays altogether, or anything in between.  The point is just to get us all thinking about the products we buy or don't buy for our children.  What we bring into our home says a lot about our values - and sometimes we put so little thought into what we allow to enter the sacred ground of our homes.  Don't even get me started...until Wednesday that is.  Should be fun : )

And, lastly, I'll be doing a post called the Front Yard Front Lines.  I'll post FYFL on Fridays, but not every Friday...probably more like every other.  FYFL will be posts about the things I'm actually doing in my own neighborhood to build community, which was, after all the original motivation for this blog.  

My plan is that goodies will also be on the way. There will be buttons to grab, giveaways, and lots of fun things to discuss and get us all riled up (in a good way, I hope!)   Get excited!!!!!  My first WTW post will appear this Wednesday.

Thanks for reading!!!

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