Friday, August 10, 2012

Becoming an Early Bird

There's been something I've been wanting to do for a while now that I just have not done.  I know it would make family life more relaxing and it would make my day happier, but it's just so hard!

What is it?

Getting up earlier in the morning.  I read this piece this morning and it was really timely because this has been something I've been toying around with for the past year!!!

When I'm on track with exercising, I typically get up around 5:30am each day to work out.  It's funny how you don't feel you are missing out on any other activity because no one else is up.  And, it's such an invigorating way to start the day.  Still, the part that is difficult for me is going to bed on time.  Often times, though I probably actually AM tired, I don't feel tired in the evening.  After getting the girls to bed and cleaning up from the day, I often just want a few moments where I can sit and do nothing.  But, usually those few minutes turn into hour upon hour.  Lucas and I watch TV or chat.  And, I value that time we have together, and I like the ability to just lounge around...but it's time to re-evaluate if that's working for us.

It's amazing how just restructuring the day to have an extra hour is one way to make me feel like I still have that time in the evening while getting to bed at a reasonable hour.  For instance, by the end of the day I am dragging my feet to get dinner prepared.  Dinner is harder to get on the table without Lucas home, so I'll linger until he is home and then start. The problem? He gets home around 6:20, so dinner doesn't get on the table until 6:45-7:00.  When that happens, the girls bedtimes are pushed back and then I'm not cleaning up the dishes until later in the evening.

So, I've got a few ideas here.  I'd like to start dinner earlier, get the girls down and get the house cleaned earlier, and then get to bed earlier.  We'll put our chat and cuddle time above TV time, and if that means TV gets cut, of course, it's worth it!  Then, hopefully I'll be able to get out of bed earlier.

What I'm planning to use the time for:
  • Exercise.  Right now I'm pregnant, but I would still like to take a walk around the lake each morning.
  • Writing.  I would love to spend more time writing.  No limitations and no agenda; just time to write what's on my mind and see where it leads.
  • Better breakfasts!  Lucas often rushes out the door and stuffs whatever is available into his face as he runs out.  Many times, he doesn't eat breakfast at all.  I know it would save him time if I made him a nice meal, and it's actually something I'd really like to do.  I'd get to see him off in the morning, and I'd get the satisfaction of keeping the person I love most in the world happier and healthier. 
As always, I'd love to know what you think.  What would you do with an extra hour in the day?  Are you an early riser or a night owl?  Are there ways you could rearrange your day to make them happier and healthier for your home?

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