Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Face to Face vs. Facebook

A few months back I decided to do something for my own sanity.  I blocked any friends' posts on Facebook that consistently posted political articles.   I am so passionate about politics, that I knew it was something that I had to do.  I like Facebook because it allows me the opportunity to check in on little tidbits of friends' and family members' lives, but I am not capable of skimming over heated political debates online without getting involved.  There were a few times when I did get involved, and things never ended well!

What I found is that I had unknowingly been harboring bad feelings about people based on things I disagreed with them about on their Facebook pages.  Once I blocked their pages, I started to feel so much more warmly about them.  I know it's much more difficult to have a heated debate face to face with someone and end it on bad terms (at least for me.)  I am so much more likely to leave having learned something new and much more likely to feel like the other person understands me and my views a little bit better.

Facebook and other social media (even texting) are nice for short little bursts of updates, pictures, and surface level communication but for more heated conversations, more personal interactions, consider having those encounters face to face.

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