Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Best Laid Plans...

I am an ideas girl.  I am constantly thinking of all kinds of ideas.  But when it comes time to put one of my ideas into practice, I'm usually already distracted by a shiny, new idea.  That's why I tend to pair myself with people who are good at executing ideas.  Planners.  Like my husband, who is so much more organized than me!

But, this summer I had a lot of plans and no planners in sight.  Lucas was very busy, and that left event planning solely up to me for our family.  Many of my plans just did not happen.  I'm still trying to come up with ways to make sure that I follow through with my plans next summer, and also trying to determine what a good balance would look like: if I DID follow through with all my plans, then I don't think our summer would have been nearly as refreshing.

Here are just two of my summer plans that just didn't happen:

 Open House Thursdays-I wanted to have people over each Thursday by just sending out an email to friends saying we were around and that kids were welcome to be dropped off and mamas were welcome to stay or go.

Front Yard Fridays- a weekly time to gather with our neighbors in our front yards around mealtime on Fridays.  Each of us would bring a dish out to share with the neighborhood and give the kids free reign of the sidewalks.

The reality is, I just didn't have the energy to plan these events this summer.  I was way, way too exhausted simply from keeping up with my own littles and growing another little on the way!!!

But, as I move forward to thinking about our fall, I want to have plans that are manageable and doable as we prepare for our new arrival in November.  Easy meals, an inviting space, and the time to invite loved ones into our home.

What about you?  Do you have any ideas for fall?  How will see your plans through?

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