Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Say Yes

I love my husband for so many reasons, but one of the things I find particularly charming about him is a rule he has about the neighborhood kids.  Whenever, wherever he is approached by a child to buy something to support ANY local organization that they are a part of - he says yes.  That means every time he goes to the grocery store and a little Girl Scout is selling her cookies, every time a Boy Scout knocks on our door selling popcorn, every time a teen who comes by selling magazines for a sports' fundraiser- he says yes.

Saying "yes" is something that I have learned from Lucas.  While I know some people struggle with saying "yes" too often, I am actually the opposite.  My default answer is, "no."  But, Lucas has taught me that sometimes we won't be invited to the table again when we don't say yes when we have the chance.  Opening your door and saying "yes" when these opportunities arise is just another way to know (and show your support for) the people in your community.  

In what ways have you closed the door to others?  How could you say yes to the people in your community?

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  1. That's so funny, Adrian is the same way and it's something I've learned from him. Which is why we have a whole box of snicker doodle dough in our fridge right now!