Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Make Your Wish Come True For Someone Else

One of the best things I've learned in my marriage is if I'm wishing that my husband would do something for me, I should do it for him.    For instance, if I'm wishing he'd plan a romantic getaway or a spontaneous adventure- instead of expecting him to do it, I do!  It's amazing how often when I do this, I feel great and it strengthens our marriage.

Lately, I've been taking the same approach with my community.  For instance, it's really difficult for me to haul all of my kids up the long flight of stairs to and from drop offs to school for my grade schooler and preschooler.  But, instead of spending so much time wishing someone would do it for me, I've started to look around.  There are other moms in my situation and I can offer to take their child up the stairs with mine.  It doesn't take me any extra effort to have one more grade schooler or preschooler tagging along with mine and it brightens another mom's day and mine in returnIt takes the focus off what I think I should have to what I think I could give.

Try it.  Is there something you wish you didn't have to do?  Instead of complaining, do it for yourself and take it off of someone else's plate as well.  

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