Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Love Wins

There are so many hard things going on in the lives of people I love: cancer, autism, death, sick kids,  bed rest, infertility, unemployment.  I just feel so helpless.  I want to DO something.

I've realized I can't change a lot of what's going on for those I care about, (these are BIG things, God things) but I can be kind in little ways everyday to them and to all those I encounter through out the day.

So, I'm planning some random acts of kindness that I think will be so, so fun.

Random flower deliveries, anonymous money in mailboxes, meals and hand me downs, surprise visits, care packages.  It's taken my mind off of the very real pain going on just planning all of it!

What could you do to brighten the lives of those around you?  How could you bring hope and love into someone's day today?

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