Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What the Wednesday: The Cost of Beauty

You know those headlines that pop up on your browser home page before you do whatever other "more important" thing it is you have to do on the interwebs?

Well, I got sucked into this one about how much it costs to look like Jennifer Aniston.  According to this article's seemingly conservative estimate, it looks like it costs Jennifer nearly $12,000 a month and just over $140,000 a year to look so good.

If I'm honest with myself, you know what my first reaction was to this article?  Jealousy.  That I don't have $140,000 to spend on my own beauty regimen.  If you're honest with yourself, you probably felt just a tinge of jealousy, too.

What the Wednesday?

Are we, am I THAT scared of the prospect of getting (and therefore, looking) older that I'd actually spend $140,000 a year  on beauty products and treatments if I had it?

I'd like to think not, and yet, on Monday when thinking about what I'd write for Makeover Monday, I was looking at hair straighteners online that cost hundreds of dollars when it hit me...wait a minute...

Where's the line? What's the difference? And, What the Wednesday?

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